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Teenage South Park-Megan Pendragon reference sheet by BlackDragon-Studios Teenage South Park-Megan Pendragon reference sheet by BlackDragon-Studios
A really crappy and quick reference sheet for Megan in "Teenage South Park" my version of the characters with my OCs and my friends' OCs as teenagers in "South Park.

Full name: Megan Lee Pendragon (she was given her mother's last name.)

Nickname(s): Mega, Meg, Meggy (by...I dunno who), Sakura (by her grandmother mainly. Basically she's calling her her 'little cherry blossom)

Insulting Nicknames (almost all by Cartman): Bitch, ho, hippie (just for having a small soft spot for animals), Anime Reject (just for being Japanese on her father's side), Demon Witch (...I don't know why. It's rare he calls her that), and for no apparent reason: Fag like the rest of his 'friends'.

Gender: Female

Age: It depends on the story but usually she's at least a Junior in High School so 17.

Race: Japanese/American (Japanese on her father's side, American on her mother's.)

Religion: Christain (Nazarene)


Tyson Kishinuma-Megan's father and Japanese by blood. He went to college in New Jersey and met Shiela, Kyle's mom. He was always better at making friends with women so they somehow got along pretty well. After college he met Shayla while looking for a job and fell in love with her within no time, later marrying her (legally shockingly enough). A few years after they had Megan they moved to South Park (secretly to escape the authorities on Shayla's part) and found out Shiela and her husband Gerald had moved there as well. Tyson now is a single father obsessed and fascinated with American culture much to his very traditional mother's diapproval which ends up with him fighting with her about how he will raise her only granddaughter.
Ayumi Kishinuma-Megan's grandmother on her father's side. She is addressed as Sobo-San by Mega mainly to get Mega more in tune with her Japanese heritage even if she looks nothing like an Asian due to inherriting her mother's features down to a fault. Sobo-San has been teaching Megan how to speak in Japanese since she was only a child and keeps hoping and praying the girl will take more to her Japanese heritage than the American side. It won't be easy though since Japanese culture is considered rather overrated these days in High School society.

Shayla Pendragon-Megan's estranged mother by blood. She visits on occassion but rarely due to her being a wanted criminal and with bounty hunters after her left and right. Megan used to resent her for it, practically hating her, but lately she has grown to accept that her mother isn't going to be around all the time and is now quite interested in the stories Shayla has to tell when she comes home when she can. It's because of Shayla mainly that Mega can hold her own in a fight pretty well, even before being trained by her mother.


Kyle Broflovski-Mega's childhood friend basically. She met him the night her family was invited over to the Broflovski's residents for dinner. Since both were only 5 they they were forced to try getting along but didn't have much difficulty in doing so. Currently Kyle's still a pretty good friend of Megan's and like with the other boys in his little 'group' he does help her out with her homework sometimes. Especially math which she usually ends up getting him to do for her by feigning confusion. That's about the only way she manipulates him though so she is safe from being compared to Cartman. An inside jokes between her, Stan, and Kenny though (and this is just a fun fact) is that sometimes Kyle acts like the 'mom' in the group. Which isn't exactly bad but they are careful not to tell him. 

Stan Marsh-Mega and Stan get along pretty well as well. As kids there were times he, like all of them at least once or twice, would get in a fight with her. The most noteable being when he tried to 'save the whales' from the Japanese. Just because Mega was Japanese by blood he did briefly feel a small dislike for her. Now they both respect each other pretty well and sometimes Mega can't help seeing him as the sort of 'father figure' of the group. Adding on to her private 'Style' shipping thoughts (more on that later).

Kenny McCormick-I think it's safe to say that after fifth grade (which is when Cartman decided Butters was still useful as a minion and 'best friend'), Kenny and Mega got pretty close to the point of being best friends. He's the annoyingly laid back, totally chill about everything brother she never had. The only downsides are his flirting with any new girl he comes across, his smoking habits, and the fact whenever he comes over to hang out he usually ends up eating half the stuff in her fridge. Not that the last part's bad, she's more than happy to help him and his family out at least in some ways.

Eric Cartman-...Where to begin here. Well I guess I'll start at the beginning since they have a LONG history. In Kindergarten, which is where Mega met other boys, they didn't talk much. Like at all. It wasn't until 1st grade that anything big happened. When Cartman had found out Mega didn't have a mom he-predictably-laughed at her, insulting her family and then her heritage. This caused her to snap and punch him in the nose. He was the first of many to recieve this treatment but it was because of him she made the promise to herself not to attack any of the four boys again. Even if they oh-so deserve it (Cartman, I'm talking about him.). Now in High School they're still not on very good terms but she's never physically attacked him yet. Not in a full on fight anyway. The most they do is like with Kyle and Cartman, throw insults at each other back and fourth. Cartman loves to use Japanese and anime referenced stereotypes especially to annoy her.

Phoenix Rose Fireheart (in RPs)-In the South Park fandom, I haven't really done much interaction with Phoenix. What I know is she's still like a sister to Mega and one of the few girls she actually hangs out with as a friend rather than because she has no choice. That's all I know right now for this fandom.

Zira-One of the only lesbians that Mega knows personally and pretty cool to hang out with. They met at a party after Mega broke up with her first boyfriend, Zackery Hendrix. At the time Mega and the others had no idea of Zira's sexuality or that she was a year older than them. As of now Zira's more like a teasing big sister...Kind of an older Kenny with boobs (and looking nothing like him). She's currently dating Angela Taylor.

Angela Talyor-Angela, as stated above, is Zira's girlfriend. She's the submissive partner and a lot like Kyle in terms of being introverted and more into books. She's still quite friendly and Mega finds her relationship with Zira to be quite adorable.

Zac Hendrix (formerly)-Mega's boyfriend from Sophmore year up to before Thanksgiving break of Junior year. Depending on the story he either breaks up with her from suspicion of how she's started getting along better with Cartman, cheats on her, or they have a really bad fight that breaks them up. Really...He's just a plot device to get Cartman to stop being so stubborn with his feelings for Mega since Middle school (which are explained a lot better in actual stories). So there's not much to say on him.^^;

Fun Facts: 

-When angry, scared, extremely tired, or sexually aroused Mega speaks in Japanese without thinking. It kind of annoys Cartman mainly due to his racist attitude but at the same time gives opportunity to make fun of her for it. The others don't seem to mind as much but don't make a big deal about it either.

-Though less violent now, Mega does still punch people in the nose sometimes. Only when they REALLY piss her off though.

-Though most call it crazy, Mega is perfectly content with wearing only a t-shirt and her vest in the cold temperature of South Park. Says she's just too hot-blooded. Of course it helps she's on track team.


Swim team-Ever since she was little Mega had taken swim lessons at the indoor pool. Once it was rebuilt after being destoryed a few years prior, she joined the swim team for a while. Because of this she has pretty quick reflexes and delivers a mean kick in a fight.

Track team-Once swim team was shut down again (probably a UFO crashing again...) Mega decided to join the track team. It was mainly because she didn't like sports and the boys all were in one sport at least so track was the best option. She loved to run anyway and after joining track she could take down any unsuspecting opponent if a fight turned physical. By take down though I mean literally shove them to the ground.

Fist fighting-With training from her mother in later life, Mega became even better at physical fighting. If she hadn't decided to join track she would have ended up in kick boxing as her sport but decided against it. Because of her old habit of starting the fight with the first punch she tends to get into quite a few fights at school on a daily basis. So sometimes, even in High School, she is seen with band-aids on her face.

Computer skills-Mega may not be very good at math or some other school subjects but she's great with computers. Hacking is one of the skills she prides herself in most but never uses it for anything serious. More for getting revenge of Cartman for hacking into other profiles on Facebook or into her own computer.

Bilingual-As stated above Mega is fluent in Japanese AND English. She prefers to speak in English around her friends though but does sometimes swear in Japanese when she stubs a toe or gets any accidental injuries. More reason for Cartman to insult her Japanese heritage.


Temper issues-Mega has a pretty short temper when dealing with anyone but her friends. Though Cartman has made it easier to control her temper by constantly prodding at her with his insults and sexist behavior, she still is usually the one to start the fights she gets into when it gets physicial.

Sweets-No girl can resist chocolate unless they're the rare acception that hates or is allergic. Mega is no different with any candy she enjoys. Especially chocolate related ones. This is a great way to bribe or manipulate her into something as long as it's small. She's not that hooked on it after all.

Family-One line you should never cross when pushing Mega's buttons, is family. Cartman learned this the hard way in Elementary school. No one has dared test this subject of insult or causing of harm now she's in high school. Whether because of fear of the consequences, or her rather insane grandmother (when threatened anyway) is unknown.

Friends-She calls them morons sometimes but Mega loves her friends like a second family. Cartman may not be in this category though, even before she started crushing on him.

Her emotions-Both in terms of controlling and hiding them and understanding them, Mega has a hard time with her emotions. Not in the sociopathic sense but when it comes to romantic love she's hopeless.

Heat-Mega really hates over-heating. She tends to do so easily so that's why she wears a t-shirt a lot.

Certain school subjects-Math is one of Mega's least favorite subjects and the one she practically begs Kyle to help her with. Physical science was horrible too and until she joined track Mega hated gym class. It was better than Dance at least though.

Crush/love interest: Eric Cartman
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