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Megadragon's Bipedal Stance reference -sketch- by BlackDragon-Studios Megadragon's Bipedal Stance reference -sketch- by BlackDragon-Studios

Made: 6/14/14

A sketched out reference sheet for my sona, Megadragon, as an anthro. I also added some sketches for both designs to show the frill movements and how they affect her body language.

I say bipedal here also because it's not exactly an 'anthro' form. Despite being female, no breasts. I will be making an actual anthro form some time though that does resemble what I look like in real life (meaning there will be breasts and maybe even a pair of glasses since I wear glasses). This is simply for the in-character Megadragon who as I have stated is a Shardian. More on the species later, what you need to know for now is this:

Shardians are very flexible. By this I'm not saying you can bend them into a predzel or something so please don't even try. -_- I mean that their skeletal make up allows them to stand on their hind legs. I'm not an expert on skeletons though so please don't start explaining to to me guys. I don't want to sound more ignorant to lifes many mysteries than I already am and I have no desire to further study the human body than I was supposed to in elementary school. All I'm saying here is my creatures, these shardians, bend the laws of physics to their will when it comes to their own body functions.

Anyway, yes despite being partially a mammal the non-mod (as in artist 'avatar') Mega does not have breasts in this somewhat anthro form. She's still able to wear clothes (but doesn't cause there's no point in this form) though. Her wings also can be retracted into her body just like in her quadrupedal stance (feral) but the bit at the top that looks kind of like a thumb actually functions as one. This also goes for her feral stance and is quite useful when picking things up or using them as extra 'hands' when her own are full. For grabbing mainly though.

Frill movements: I based these sort of off of a dog or a cat but also adding some frilled lizard quality to it. the cheek frills (the ones on the side of the face) are the main thing to look at when determining her mood. When down it means she's feeling upset or depressed or just tired (so it's also good to look at her facial expression too if she's feeling the extreme of that emotion). When the frills are splayed out and standing on end it means agitation or anger. And when they're raised rapidly and fanned out on either side of the head, well that obviously means she's furious and ready to attack. The screech should indicate this as well.

Though she does usually use the frills to show her mood, Megadragon can also move them manually rather than instinctually. So really look at the expression on her face to be sure what she's feeling, don't only rely on the frills. lol

I might color this sometime, might not. Also, since I said I was still dabbling with what I want the wings to look like in the past, as of now I've decided the feathered ones work best.

BloodWolfRyo Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Very nicely done, awesome, and somehow, sexy sona^^
BlackDragon-Studios Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2014  Student Digital Artist
XD Thank you.
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June 14, 2014
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